Does It Get Dark In Scotland In Summer?

What time does it get dark in Scotland in July?

Related infoJuly 1stJuly 31stSunrise Sunset Daylight Hours04:46 22:11 17 hrs, 25 min05:29 21:33 16 hrs, 4 min.

What time does it get dark in Scotland in June?

January 1stJanuary 31stMay 1stMay 31stSunrise Sunset Daylight Hours04:34 a.m. 19:55 p.m. 15 hrs, 21 min03:41 a.m. 20:49 p.m. 17 hrs, 8 minJune 1stJune 30thSunrise Sunset Daylight Hours03:40 a.m. 20:50 p.m. 17 hrs, 10 min03:35 a.m. 21:05 p.m. 17 hrs, 30 min19 more rows

Does Scotland have midnight sun?

In the summer does northern Scotland get truly dark or is there a twilight all night. … It’s nothing like I imagine the true midnight sun up in the far north to be like, but there are no pitch black nights in the Summer at all, at least around my slice of north-east Fife.

What time does it get dark in Shetland in summer?

June 2020 — Sun in Lerwick (Shetland Islands)2020Sunrise/SunsetSolar NoonJunSunriseTime283:42 am ↑1:07 pm293:43 am ↑1:08 pm303:44 am ↑1:08 pm29 more rows

How many minutes of daylight do we lose in July?

After June 21, the sun’s direct rays will again begin to shift southward from the Tropic of Cancer toward Earth’s equator. As a result, our long summer days will slowly get shorter again, though the change won’t be noticeable for a few weeks. Between now and July 4, Washington loses five minutes of daylight.

What is the longest day in Scotland?

21 June 2018On 21 June 2018, sunrise in Shetland – the most northerly point in Scotland – took place at 03.38 and the sun set at 22.34, meaning the longest day of the year was 18 hours, 55 minutes and 30 seconds long.