How Many Miles Is Derwent Water?

How far is the walk around Buttermere?

about 4.5milesThe terrain is flat, no real ascends and you get to enjoy the terrific scenery in pure tranquility.

Starting point for this walk is either the Bridge Hotel on the Buttermere village side of the lake; or Gatesgarth farm at the Honister side.

The distance is about 4.5miles and can be completed comfortably in 1,5-2 hours..

How long will it take to walk 10 miles?

roughly 150 minutesOn average, walking 10 miles may take roughly 150 minutes when going along at a natural or brisk pace. Trail and uphill walking will also take longer to complete a mile, but ultimately will burn more calories.

Can you walk around Bassenthwaite Lake?

Walking around the edge of Bassenthwaite Lake is not easy, as the southern end of the lake consists of boggy farmland through which there is no right of way and, therefore, you have to walk a couple more kilometres south before you can get across.

How long is the walk around Derwent Water?

10 mileGuided walks The walk around Derwentwater is a beautiful, 10 mile route. With flat and easy paths, you pass through woodland and along the lake shore.

Can you cycle around Derwent Water?

You can walk all round Derwent Water. The entire loop is 10 miles, so make sure you’ve got all day.

Is Derwent Water Open?

Opening times at Borrowdale and Derwent Water All our car parks are now open, but it’s important we avoid hotspots developing for the safety of locals and visitors. Up to date information on how busy our car parks are, and how to visit the Lakes responsibly can be found at