Question: How Do I Get To Orkney Island?

How long is the ferry crossing from Aberdeen to Lerwick?

about 12 hours 30 minutesThere is currently just the 1 ferry route running between Scotland and Shetland Islands operated by 1 ferry company – Northlink Ferries.

The Aberdeen to Lerwick ferry crossing operates weekly with a scheduled sailing duration from about 12 hours 30 minutes..

How do you get around Orkney?

Travelling Around Orkney – General InformationUsing The Bus – Hail and Ride. Apart from in the centre of Kirkwall and Stromness, where you should wait for the bus at the Kirkwall or Stromness Travel Centre, using the bus in Orkney couldn’t be easier. … Using Orkney Ferries Services. … Using Loganair Inter-Isles Services. … Using Dial-A-Bus Service.

How far is Orkney from London?

531.76 milesDistance between London and Orkney Islands is 855.79 km. This distance is equal to 531.76 miles, and 461.78 nautical miles.

How long is ferry from Aberdeen to Orkney?

around 6 hoursThe Aberdeen Kirkwall ferry route connects Scotland with Orkney Islands. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, Northlink Ferries. The crossing operates up to 4 times each week with sailing durations from around 6 hours.

Can I take my car to Orkney?

Whilst this is quite a long journey the ferry is very comfortable, and well-equipped with restaurants, bars and lounges. You can also take your car on the ferry, which is convenient for travelling around in Orkney.

Can I book Orkney Ferries online?

All passengers and vehicles must be booked and paid for before travel. To make bookings please call the booking office detailed at the bottom of each timetable. You can view our up-to-date Online Timetables or Published Timetables. Keep track of our ferries’ speed and direction.

Are there trees on Orkney?

It’s true, of course, Orkney doesn’t have many trees. … The location of the islands, exposed to Atlantic gales, probably limited further succession but Orkney had its woods. It still has a few. Berriedale Wood in Hoy is officially Britain’s most northerly, natural woodland.

Where do you catch the ferry to Orkney?

A popular option is the 90-minute crossing operated by NorthLink Ferries between Scrabster (near Thurso) on the north coast of Scotland, and Stromness. You’ll sail past the Old Man of Hoy and the UK’s highest vertical sea cliffs at St John’s Head before landing in Orkney’s second most-populous town.

Are ferries to Orkney still running?

The Hamnavoe’s regular morning sailings from Stromness and Scrabster today have been cancelled, but there will now be a crossing from Stromness at half past ten and from Scrabster at one o’clock. The later sailings are subject to conditions at Scrabster harbour and an update will be issued later today.

How long does it take to get to the Orkney Islands?

You can fly to Orkney with Loganair. Flights are available from Glasgow (60 minutes), Edinburgh (60 minutes), Inverness (45 minutes), Aberdeen (50 minutes) and Shetland (35 minutes); most also have good links to other national airports.

Do you need a car on Orkney?

How to get around the Orkney Islands. I would 100% recommend hiring a car to travel around the Orkney Islands. Taxis are available but you really need your own wheels to see this beautiful island properly.

Are there midges in Orkney?

Unlike the West of Scotland and the highlands, Orkney doesn’t have too much bother with midges…… until August that is. Midges are tiny biting, flying insects, the size of a pin head. Thankfully, as I live near to the shore there is usually a breeze so the horrid beasts are kept at bay.

How far is Orkney from Glasgow?

223 milesThe distance between Glasgow and Orkney Islands is 223 miles.

Which is better Orkney or Shetland?

Orkney is rather more manicured and polished, in terms of its tourist infrastructure, than Shetland. … But then Shetland has the Broch of Mousa, the best anywhere, and some exceptional museums, especially in Lerwick and Scalloway; and it’s easier and cheaper to cover more of the islands by car and ferry.

When can you see the northern lights in Orkney?

Orkney is a great place to witness the Northern Lights, with autumn and winter the ideal time of year. That said, clear, dark skies are needed, in addition to the right levels of atmospheric activity.

How long is the ferry crossing to Orkney?

90 minuteNorthLink Ferries also sail from Scrabster on the north coast of Scotland to Stromness in Orkney. This is the only ferry crossing to take you past the breathtaking Old Man of Hoy. The 90 minute crossing takes place up to three times a day.

How do I get to Orkney by train?

A trip to Orkney The train journey to Thurso takes you through Perthshire and the highlands, along the scenic Far North Line. From Thurso, it’s a five-minute taxi journey to the ferry terminal at Scrabster (book your taxi in advance – they get busy), where the ferry sails to Stromness in Orkney.

What language do they speak in Orkney?

Orcadian dialect or Orcadian Scots is a dialect of Insular Scots, itself a dialect of the Scots language. It is derived from Lowland Scots with a degree of Norwegian influence from the Norn language. Orcadian is spoken in Orkney, north of mainland Scotland.