Question: Is Whitehaven A Good Place To Live?

Is Cumbria a good place to live?

Tucked-away spots in Cumbria have been voted some of the top places to live.

“Cumbria’s one of the most fantastic places on the planet to live, especially Keswick and the surrounding villages,” Keswick Town Councillor, Adam Paxon said..

Is Cockermouth a good place to live?

Neither Cockermouth OR Kendal are good places to stay for the Lake District. … The best places to stay in terms of being near the attractions is either Keswick, or Ambleside (which is pretty much in the centre of the Lake District). Both have plenty of amenities.

What is Whitehaven famous for?

Whitehaven remains a Georgian town, inspired by Sir Christopher Wren’s plans for London’s reconstruction after the Great Fire and looking a lot like a city from the “New World”. That is no accident, as by the 1750s Whitehaven was the UK’s second-busiest port, unloading goods like sugar and rum from the colonies.

How far is Cockermouth from the sea?

We think that the nearest beach to Cockermouth is Allonby South Saltpans at 7 miles as the crow flies. Precise driving distances are not always possible to calculate due to the off road locality of some locations, to assist in this we’ve provided an estimated distance of 9.03 miles by road.

How far is Cockermouth from Windermere?

27 milesThe distance between Cockermouth and Windermere is 27 miles. The road distance is 33.8 miles.

Is Cumbria a safe place to live?

Overall, recorded crime in Cumbria has risen by 12% in the last year, however the county remains one of the safest places in England and Wales – while police continue to have success tackling the issues that matter most to people. …

Is Whitehaven worth visiting?

Today Whitehaven’s advantages are its intrinsic charm (the town centre) and attractions,a new museum, theatres and good shopping and its proximity to other places of interest, including the Lake District which is only 6mls/10km away. As you can see Whitehaven has alot to offer the visitor.

What shops are in Whitehaven?

Whitehaven has a revamped market and a range of high-street stores, including Aldi and Boots. Bridges Retail Park includes a B&M discount store, Clarks Shoes and a McDonald’s.

How far is Whitehaven from Keswick?

18 milesThe distance between Whitehaven and Keswick is 18 miles. The road distance is 26.9 miles.

How far is Cockermouth to Keswick?

10 milesThe distance between Keswick and Cockermouth is 10 miles. The road distance is 11.7 miles.

Where should I live in Lake District?

Best towns to stay in the Lake DistrictHawkshead.Keswick.Grasmere.Bowness-on-Windermere.Ambleside.Coniston.Cartmel.

Is Carlisle nice to live?

Carlisle is a place I would consider when looking for a refreshing countryside experience. It is conveniently close to Scotland and the house prices are pretty reasonable, leaving plenty to spend on leisure activities.