Question: What Fish Are In The River Stour Dorset?

Can you fish the River Stour?

Freshwater fishing on the River Stour is strictly seasonal.

There is no fishing allowed during the Close Season (15 March – 15 June).

This must be available for inspection at all times whilst fishing otherwise prosecution may result..

What does Stour mean in English?

1a archaic : battle, conflict. b dialectal British : tumult, uproar. 2 chiefly Scotland : dust, powder. Stour. geographical name.

Where does the River Stour meet the sea?

The River Stour /ˈstaʊər/ is a river in Kent, England that flows into the North Sea at Pegwell Bay.

Where does River Stour start and finish?

Pegwell BayRiver Stour/Mouths

How long is the River Stour Dorset?

98 kmRiver Stour/LengthThe River Stour is a 61 mi (98 km) river which flows through Wiltshire and Dorset in southern England, and drains into the English Channel.

How many river Stours are there in the UK?

five riversThere are five rivers in Britain that bear the name Stour; they can be found in Dorset, Kent, Suffolk, one a tributary of the River Severn flows through Worcestershire and in Warwickshire the fifth that is short but noteworthy.

What is the longest river in Dorset?

River StourAt 60 miles in length, the River Stour is Dorset’s longest river, although its source is just outside the county boundary at Stourhead in Wiltshire to the north. It enters Dorset near the village of Bourton, then flows generally southwards through the Blackmore Vale via the towns of Gillingham and Sturminster Newton.

What is the source of the River Stour?

LenhamRiver Stour/Sources

Where does the Stour start?

CambridgeshireRiver Stour/SourcesThe Stour rises in Wratting Common, Cambridgeshire, near to Weston Colville, and reaches the sea at Harwich. The eastern part of the River Stour is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty known as Dedham Vale, named after the village of Dedham in Essex.

Is the River Stour tidal?

After flowing through Canterbury the river becomes tidal and finally enters the sea at Pegwell Bay, close to the site of the landing of the first Christian mission to southern England, St Augustine, in 597 AD. The River Stour flows through the city in many strands – at one point there are three separate branches.

What fish are in the River Stour?

In recent times bags of over 100lb have been taken, and specimen fish are frequently landed. CDAA members can catch bream of over 7lb, rudd of 2lb 8oz, carp to 14lb, pike to 28lb, and 6lb plus tench, these are just a few of the species attractive to anglers.