Question: What Is The Best Time To Visit Lake Louise?

What is the best time of day to visit Lake Louise?

During the summer, what is the best time of day to visit Lake Louise and Moraine Lake.

Parking is limited at Lake Louise and Moraine Lake.

In order to avoid peak times, we recommend that you plan your trip to arrive before 9 a.m.

or after 6 p.m..

How many days do you need in Lake Louise?

five daysIt’s a subjective list, but five days is a good length of time to tick off the world-famous hot spots. You’ll need at least a day in the Lake Louise region to wrap your mind around the beauty of the namesake lake, nearby Moraine Lake, and the unbelievable charm of the village.

Is Lake Louise worth visiting?

Exquisitely beautiful. Although it was crowded walking along the lake, the people who come here are very low-key and courteous.

Which is better Lake Louise or Banff?

The town of Banff is much more expansive than the village of Lake Louise, but it still has a small feel to it and is quite navigable by foot. Banff has many options and styles of accommodation. It isn’t necessarily cheap, but there are more budget choices than Lake Louise.

How long does it take to walk around Lake Louise?

Easy trailsTrailDistance (one way)Time (return)Lake Louise Lakeshore2 km1 hourFairview Lookout1 km45 minutesBow River Loop7.1 km (round trip)2 hoursLouise Creek2.8 km1.5 hours2 more rows•Oct 9, 2020

How far is Banff from Lake Louise?

approximately 57kmRegardless of which route you take, it’s approximately 57km (35 miles) between Banff and Lake Louise.