Question: What Should I Wear In Hawaii?

What can you not bring to Hawaii?

RESTRICTED OR PROHIBITED ITEMS:Pineapple and bromeliad plants and fruits.Passion fruit plants and seeds.Cruciferous root vegetables (radish, turnip, daikon, horseradish, rutabaga)Corn on the cob.Citrus and pulpy fruits from Florida & Puerto Rico.Taro and dasheen.Coconuts..

Can you wear jeans to a luau?

Island style, even if just going to a neighbor’s luau, is all about being as comfortable as possible. … Even if you’re a jeans kind of a guy (or girl), denim just doesn’t do it at a luau. Again, beach style is key. Go for those loose-fitting linen casual pants or board shorts that you don’t get to wear often enough.

Will my cell phone work in Hawaii?

Cellphones. Most major U.S. cellphone companies operate in Hawaii, and local cellphone calls are usually included in nationwide or domestic calling plans. Please check your provider as roaming charges may apply for some plans. … You may also rent a mobile phone after you arrive.

How do I not look like a tourist in Hawaii?

To avoid tourist traps and car break-ins, keep these key things in mind.There is Such a Thing as Beach Etiquette. … Ditch the Digital Devices. … Get Rid of Your Tan Lines. … Don’t Lock Your Car Doors. … Smile at Strangers. … Slow Down. … Strip Down. … Take Your Shoes Off Indoors.

Do you need bug spray in Hawaii?

Sunblock, insect repellent, sunglasses and a hat are a must. The sun is very intense in Hawaii and you don’t want to ruin your vacation by getting sunburn.

What should you buy in Hawaii?

Here are our suggestions for the best things to buy in Hawaii.Ukulele. A ukulele is the quintessential Hawaiian gift to bring home to a friend or family member. … Koa Wood Products. … Macadamia Nuts. … Hawaiian Quilt. … Hawaiian Shirt. … Hawaiian Music. … Lei Necklaces. … Kona Coffee.More items…

What clothes to pack for Hawaii?

The type of clothing you pack can make or break your vacation. In Hawaii, it’s all about being comfortable and having fun….ClothingSwimsuit.T-Shirts/Tank Tops.Tennis Shoes.Hiking Shoes/Boots, if desired for extreme hikes.Jeans.A light jacket.A hat.Undergarments.More items…•

What should I pack for a month in Hawaii?

Here’s our basic list of what to pack for a trip to Hawaii:3 dresses. I love bringing dresses when we travel! … 1 pair of shorts. If you’re bringing a few dresses and spending part of your time at the beach, one pair of lightweight shorts should suffice. … 2 tank tops/tee shirts. … 2 swim suits.

What should I pack for 2 weeks in Hawaii?

Start with a basic list.5-6 casual t-shirts and tank tops. You don’t have to wear a new shirt everyday you’re on your trip. … 3-4 pairs of comfortable shorts. … 1 pair of jeans. … 2 casual blouses. … 2-3 bathing suits. … 2 suit cover-ups. … 2-3 sundresses/skirts. … 1 nice outfit for semi-formal outings.More items…

What should I pack for 7 days in Hawaii?

What You Actually Need to Pack for HawaiiLonely Planet Hawaii Guidebook(s) … Sunglasses. … Reef-Safe Sunscreen. … Leave-In Conditioner. … Sun Hat. … Quick-Dry Sand-Free Towel. … Chacos. … GoPro.More items…•

Can I bring a lei back from Hawaii?

If you wish to bring Hawaiian leis back to the U.S. mainland, you’ll want to make sure all the components in your lei are allowed to return with you. Fortunately, that’s not too hard to do. … Some kukui-nut and other types of leis often contain citrus or citrus-related leaves.

What pets are illegal in Hawaii?

The following are some of the more commonly owned non-domestic animals that are prohibited:alligators.dragon lizards.ferrets.gerbils.geckos.hamsters.monk parakeets.piranhas.More items…•