Quick Answer: Can You Fly To The Outer Hebrides?

How do I get to the Isle of Lewis from London?

Train, bus, ferry via Edinburgh • 16h 24mTake the train from London Euston to Haymarket.Take the train from Haymarket to Inverness.Take the bus from Inverness, Eastgate Centre to Ullapool, Ferry Terminal 61.Take the ferry from Ullapool Ferry Terminal to Stornoway Lewis Ferry Terminal..

Can you fly to the Isle of Harris?

Stornoway Airport provides a vital access point to Lewis and Harris, with flights from Aberdeen, Inverness, Edinburgh and Glasgow. You can also get inter island flights to/from Uist and Barra. … Flybe runs services between Stornoway and Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness, www.flybe.co.uk .

How do I get to the vatersay Outer Hebrides?

There are 3 ways to get from Glasgow to Vatersay (Island) by bus, ferry, train or planeTake the bus from Buchanan Bus Station to Oban, Station Road 976.Take the ferry from Oban Ferry Terminal to Castlebay Barra Ferry Terminal Cm20.

Can you fly to the Isle of Lewis?

There are three island airports in the Outer Hebrides connecting the mainland Stornoway Airport (Isle of Lewis), Benbecula Airport (Isle of Benbeucla) and Barra Airport (Isle of Barra).

How do I get from Glasgow to Isle of Harris?

How to get to the Isle of Harris. You can fly to Stornoway Airport in just forty five minutes from Glasgow International Airport, but if you fancy island hopping take a trip through Skye and arrive by ferry in Tarbert.

How far is Stornoway from Glasgow?

182 milesThe distance between Glasgow and Stornoway is 182 miles.

What is the best time of year to visit the Outer Hebrides?

Late April to the end of June is probably the best time to visit the Outer Hebrides. The days quickly become much longer – although you are some way south of the midnight sun, it never gets completely dark in mid June – and wildlife, on a mission to breed and rear young, is at its richest.

How long is ferry from Skye to Harris?

Include the Isle of Skye in your trip and journey direct to Tarbert, Harris from the port of Uig in the north of Skye. From Uig the sailing is typically 1hour 40mins.

How do you fly to Outer Hebrides?

The Outer Hebrides are more accessible than ever. With 4 UK airports to fly out from and 3 airports to fly into – Stornoway (Lewis), Benbecula and Barra. Most direct flights from the Scottish airports only take up to an hour, making the journey to the islands really quick and easy.

What is the Isle of Lewis famous for?

This is the largest and northernmost island of the Outer Hebrides and is the island where the famed Lewis Chessmen were discovered. Rich in history, the Isle of Lewis is also rich in a way of life that seems most difficult to find elsewhere in the world.

Who flies direct to Stornoway?

Blue Islands, KLM, LoganAir and British Airways all fly direct to Stornoway.

How do you get to Isle of Lewis?

The main ferry to Lewis is from Ullapool on the mainland, which takes 2 hours 45 minutes. You can also travel from Skye to Harris and drive north. Vehicle reservations are recommended. The Outer Hebrides are perfect for an island hopping adventure.

How far is Stornoway from Inverness?

95 milesThe distance between Stornoway and Inverness is 95 miles.

How long is ferry to Harris?

The ferry route is operated by Caledonian MacBrayne – commonly known as CalMac. There are up to 2 crossings per day and the crossing time is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. This route accepts foot passengers and vehicles.

How do you get to Isle of Harris?

You’ve got several options for getting a ferry to Tarbert (Harris).Go direct on the ferry from Uig on Skye.Go on the Ullapool ferry to Stornoway on Lewis and drive south (the Isles are connected).Include Harris in an island hopscotch, from Barra through South Uist and North Uist to Leverburgh.