Quick Answer: What Does Feckin Eejit Mean?

What does feckin mean?

Feck is a popular minced oath in Ireland, occupying ground between the ultra-mild expletive flip and the often taboo (but also popular) fuck.

To feck something in Hiberno-English generally means to steal it (see below) or to throw it, often impatiently or casually: she fecked the orange peel out the car window..

What does Ghee mean in Irish?

The fact that ghee – which, to be clear, is actually clarified butter – had the same name as a Dublin slang word for a certain female body part never made any odds to my brother. My brother is home. He wants to make ghee. This is what happens when your siblings go off to live in faraway places.

What is an Irish Culchie?

Culchie is a pejorative term in Hiberno-English and Ulster-Scots dialects for someone from rural Ireland. The term usually has a pejorative meaning directed by urban Irish against rural Irish, but since the late 20th century, the term has also been reclaimed by some who are proud of their rural or small town origin.

What do the Irish call the English?

“English” and “British” in Irish tend to be interchangeable – the word is “Sasanach”, and it’s pronounced roughly the same as the Scottish Gaelic equivalent. (Note that that’s “English” in the nationality sense; the name of the language is a completely different word in Irish – “Béarla”.)

What is an Irish woman called?

colleen – an Irish girl.

What is Gee slang for?

—used as an introductory expletive or to express surprise or enthusiasm. gee. Definition of gee (Entry 2 of 3) 1 : the letter g. 2 [grand] slang : a thousand dollars.

Why do the Irish call the toilet the jacks?

An old Tudor phrase for lavatory, jacks is a term more commonly used in Ireland. This is likely a reference to Jack Power, who invented the first multiple cubicle toilet. However, he never liked his name being associated with sanitation so he changed it by deed poll.

Is Eejit an Irish word?

Eejit – Another example of the many unusual Irish insults, an ‘eejit’ is an idiot or a fool, but more often it’s used in an affectionate (yet still mocking!) … In Ireland if a situation or a person is ‘gas’, it means they’re very funny.

Where did the word Eejit come from?

A huge part of Northern Ireland’s heritage, and it’s population, comes originally from the west of Scotland. The word “eejit” has been in common use in the Glasgow area for generations, certainly since the 19th Century.

What does EGIT mean in Irish?

noun. /ˈiːdʒɪt/ /ˈiːdʒɪt/ (Irish English, Scottish English, informal, disapproving) ​a way of saying idiot that represents the way it is pronounced by some people.

Is Feck a real word?

Feck (or fek or feic) is a form of effeck, which is in turn the Scots cognate of the modern English word effect. However, this Scots noun has additional significance: Efficacy; force; value; return.

What does Feck mean in Gaelic?

‘Feck’ is an Irish or Scottish word which, in early 19th- century Britain, meant to ‘keep a look out’. From the late 19th century it was defined as ‘to steal’.