Quick Answer: What Does Rigg Mean?

Is Rigg a Scrabble word?

RIGG is a valid scrabble word..

How popular is the baby name Riggs in the U.S.?YearTotal Babies BornBoys Born2013494920145151201566662016656522 more rows

What does the name Rigg mean?

The name Rigg is an old Anglo-Saxon name. It comes from when a family lived in Cumberland and Lancashire. This local name was derived from the local at the ridge or near a ridge. … The surname Rigg comes from the Old English word rigge, or the Old English word hrycg, both of which mean ridge.

What does Rig mean in Scottish?

Place-Name GlossaryModern FormOlder Scots FormEtymologyrig, riggrygON hryggr, OE hrycgringringOE hringruid, roodrud, ruidOE rōdsand, saunsandOE sand21 more rows

What does ridge mean?

noun. a long, narrow elevation of land; a chain of hills or mountains. the long and narrow upper edge, angle, or crest of something, as a hill, wave, or vault.