Quick Answer: What River Runs Through Wimborne?

How far is Wimborne from Bournemouth?

6 milesThe distance between Bournemouth and Wimborne Minster is 6 miles.

The road distance is 8.5 miles..

Is Wimborne Market Closing?

HISTORIC Wimborne market is closing at its current site after 165 years of trading. … The letters said: “Due to excessively high business rates and changing shopping habits, we regret to say that the Wimborne Market will cease operating from its current location later in 2020.

What does Stour mean in English?

Definition of stour (Entry 2 of 3) 1a archaic : battle, conflict. b dialectal British : tumult, uproar. 2 chiefly Scotland : dust, powder.

Where does the River Stour start and finish?

Pegwell BayRiver Stour/MouthsThe River Stour /ˈstaʊər/ is a river in Kent, England that flows into the North Sea at Pegwell Bay.

What is the longest river in Dorset?

River StourAt 60 miles in length, the River Stour is Dorset’s longest river, although its source is just outside the county boundary at Stourhead in Wiltshire to the north. It enters Dorset near the village of Bourton, then flows generally southwards through the Blackmore Vale via the towns of Gillingham and Sturminster Newton.

Who owns the River Stour?

Parliament passed ‘An Act for making the River Stower navigable from the town of Manningtree, in the county of Essex, to the town of Sudbury, in the county of Suffolk’ in 1705, mandating public navigation rights and providing the basis of a joint stock company of London and Suffolk investors who raised £4,800 to cut …

What day is Wimborne market?

About. *LATEST UPDATE* The market is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8am until 1pm.

What is Wimborne famous for?

It is famed for its chained library and the tomb of King Ethelred, the brother of Alfred the Great, as well as the tombs of John Beaufort, Duke of Somerset, and his duchess, the maternal grandparents of King Henry VII of England. The tombs are made of Dorset Limestone and New Forest Stone.

Are there two river Stours?

The Stour runs its varied course in the east of the county; is an unusually complex stream, it rises as three parts; the Upper Great and East forming together the Great Stour, when the Little Stour joins the main flow it becomes the Stour which then splits into two again.

What does River Stour mean?

The name ‘Stour’ means stirring, or moving. It supplanted the old British one of Durwhern, meaning swift river. In Latin, Stauro means strong or powerful. As East Kent’s major watercourse, the Kentish Stour originates as the Great Stour in Lenham, north west of Ashford.