Quick Answer: Why Is The Golden Snitch Worth 150 Points?

Did Hermione and Krum sleep together?


They did not have sex.

Originally Answered: Did Hermione sleep with Viktor Krum.


Which ball is 150 points?

Golden SnitchEach goal with a Quaffle is worth ten points – but catching The Golden Snitch is worth 150 points.

What’s the point of scoring goals in Quidditch?

The object of the game of Quidditch is to score more points than your opponents. Players do this by scoring goals which is done by placing a slightly deflated volleyball called the Quaffle into the opposition’s baskets giving them 10 points, and by capturing the Golden Snitch which is worth 30 points.

Who did Krum marry?

Viktor KrumViktor Krum met his partner in his home land of Bulgaria. Shortly afterward, it is said that Viktor found love back in Bulgaria, and the two stayed together after the fall of Lord Voldemort in 1998; whether or not the two married or had any children is unknown.

What does the golden snitch symbolize?

Unlike the other balls used in Quidditch, the Golden Snitch is known for having flesh memories and being quite sensitive in nature. The Snitches that have flesh memories refer to the fact that each Snitch can remember the exact touch of the first person who made contact with them.

Why does Dumbledore give Harry the snitch?

Upon his death, Albus Dumbledore left Harry the first golden snitch he had caught. … Dumbledore had also enchanted the Snitch to hold the Resurrection Stone inside of it, and it would only open for Harry once he accepted the fact that he needed to sacrifice himself in order to defeat Lord Voldemort.

Does catching the snitch end the game?

As with most sports, each team wants to score more points than the other. To do that, you can rack up goals worth 10 points each, or your designated seeker can catch an elusive winged ball called the Snitch to earn a whopping 150 points. Catching the all-important Snitch ends the game.

Which ball is the largest?

basketballThe smallest? A squash ball is just a little smaller than the golf ball. At the other end of the scale, the largest is the basketball.

What is Hermione’s middle name?

JeanHarry Potter’s middle name is James, Hermione Granger’s is Jean, Ginny Weasley’s is Molly – after her mother – and poor old Ron Weasley’s is Bilius.

How much is a golden snitch worth?

“The Golden Snitch is a golden ball the size of a large walnut with silver wings. The Seeker has to catch the ball during a Quidditch game to end the match. It is worth one hundred and fifty points.”

Why did Krum catch the Snitch?

Krum and Lynch crashed into each other in their battle for the Snitch. If Krum hadn’t caught it, it was likely that Lynch would have, meaning that the Bulgarian team would have lost by 310 points instead of 10 points. By catching the Snitch, Krum turned it from a humiliating defeat to a more dignified defeat.

How many points is a Quaffle worth?

10 pointsThe job of the Chasers is to keep possession of the scarlet Quaffle, a leather ball passed between players. They must attempt to score goals (worth 10 points) by throwing it through one of the opponents’ three hoops. These hoops are defended by the opposing team’s Keeper, who ideally tries to block their goals.

What happens if nobody catches the snitch?

Every goal is worth 10 points and the team whose Seeker captures the Golden Snitch earns an additional 150 points. This means if a team is more than 15 goals ahead, it can still win even if their Seeker fails to catch the Snitch.

How many snitches does Harry catch?

Specifically: How many times in the books during a game of Quidditch has Harry Potter caught the Golden Snitch? Searching the HP wiki’s plot summaries suggests 4 times while another source suggests 7 times.

How much is the snitch worth?

The snitch is worth 30 points and its capture ends the game. If the score is tied after the snitch catch, the game proceeds into overtime.

What happens when you catch the golden snitch?

Catching the golden snitch gets the team 150 points and ends the game. Now if team A scores 170 points and team B is at 10, even if team B catches the snitch, team A would win the match. This is exactly what happened in the Quidditch World Cup final between Bulgaria and Ireland in The Goblet Of Fire.

Did Krum kiss Hermione?

Yes, indeed. In the sixth book, Ginny (who is in a fight with Ron) says almost crying: -Harry kissed Cho Chang! And Hermione kissed Victor Krum…blah blah blah (it’s not exactly how it is in the book).