What Does Holme Mean In Place Names?

What is Holme in ASL?

HOLME stands for Handshape, Orientation, Location, Movement, and Expression (sign language) Suggest new definition.

This definition appears very rarely and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Slang/chat, popular culture..

What does bury mean in place names?

Towns and VillagesAnglo Saxon WordMeaningExamples of place nameburyfortified placeBanbury Shaftesburyfordshallow river crossingStamfordhamvillageBirminghamhamm (a different way of spelling of ham)enclosure within the bend of a river’Southhampton Buckingham10 more rows

What does BAR mean in place names?

Anglo Saxon place namesWordMeaningBACHstreamBARbarleyBURNstreamBEWERbeaver15 more rows

What does pool mean in place names?

Southern English: topographic name for someone who lived near a pool or pond, Middle English pole (Old English pol), or a habitational name from any of the places named with this word, as for example Poole in Dorset, South Pool in Devon, and Poole Keynes in Gloucestershire.

What does Bourne mean in place names?

A bourne is an intermittent stream, flowing from a spring. … Bourne is used as a place name or as a part of a place name, usually in chalk downland countryside. Alternative forms are bourn or borne or born.

What does Magna mean in place names?

Magna and Parva simply mean big and small in Latin, while the Sheepy part comes from the Anglian words for Sheep, “scep” and island, “eg”. Eg didn’t necessarily mean island in the middle of a lake or ocean, it could also refer to dry land in a marshy area.

What does much mean in place names?

MUCH comes from the Middle English (1150-1500) word meaning ‘muchel’ ‘mochel’ meaning great. WEN is from the Welsh ‘gwyn’ meaning white, (the feminine form of gwyn is “gwen”). LOCK maybe from the Old Welsh “loc” meaning monastery or from the English ‘loca’ meaning enclosed place.

Is Holme a Scrabble word?

Yes, holme is in the scrabble dictionary.

What does Dene mean in place names?

Place names ending in cott or cote are usually derived from the Saxon word for house ‘cott’. DEAN OR DENE. This is usually a corruption of denu, which meant a little valley. DEN. At the end of the place name is usually derived from denn, which meant pasture, usually for pigs.

What is a Holme?

Noun. holme (plural holmes) Small island, islet.

What does Fenny mean in place names?

fen·ny. full of fens; marshy; boggy. of or found in fens.