What Is Deadwater Fell?

Where is Deadwater fell?

Filming began in June 2019 in Dunlop, Ayrshire, which stood in for the fictional village of Kirkdarroch.

Other filming locations included Culzean Country Park; Gateside Place in Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire; Irvine Beach and the Low Green Park in Irvine, North Ayrshire..

What channel is Deadwater fell?

Channel 4Deadwater Fell/Networks

Is Deadwater fell Based on a true story?

Though Deadwater Fell isn’t based on true events, show creators were heavily inspired by true crime documentaries. Deadwater Fell tells the story of father and husband, Dr Tom Kendrick played by David Tennant, who is instantly cast as a key suspect when he survives a fire in which his wife and children perish.

What is the story behind Deadwater fell?

In short, no. The story about two families in a small Scottish village torn apart by a tragedy when a woman and her three children are killed in a house fire, is purely fictional.

Who killed them in Deadwater fell?

Tonight’s installment revealed that Kate’s husband – and the sole survivor of the fire – Tom (David Tennant) had been the killer all along, as chilling scenes showed him injecting Kate, their children and himself with insulin, all before setting fire to their home.

What happened in last episode of Deadwater fell?

January 31, 2020Deadwater Fell/Final episode date

What happened in Deadwater fell Episode 1?

Opening with chilling imagery of a house burned down and a car overturning, Deadwater Fell kicked off a murder mystery tonight that will unravel over the next four weeks.

Is Deadwater fell finished?

Yes, Deadwater Fell is finished. It was conceived as a miniseries and is comprised of just 4 episodes, which certainly answers the second question… no, there is not an episode 5. The fourth and final episode aired on Channel 4 on Friday, January 31st 2020 at 9 pm.

Is Laurie Brett in Deadwater fell?

In early 2020 Brett starred as DC Gemma Darlington in the C4 crime drama Deadwater Fell. This is the second time Brett has reverted back to her own native Scottish accent while playing a character. The first time was when she played Christine Mulgrew in BBC Waterloo Road.

Who caused the fire in Deadwater fell?

One of the biggest reveals from the final episode is that Tom’s mother Carol was fairly certain of her son’s crimes from the beginning. We discover that she received a call from her son just before he started the fire, which strongly implies his involvement in the murders.

Who is the police woman in Deadwater fell?

Gemma DarlingtonDeadwater Fell: Interview with Laurie Brett who plays D.C Gemma Darlington.

What day is Deadwater fell?

When is Deadwater Fell on TV? Four-part drama Deadwater Fell premiered on Friday 10th January 2020 on Channel 4. The fourth and final episode airs on Friday 31st January at 9pm on Channel 4.