What To Do When It’S Raining In The Lake District?

Does it rain a lot in the Lake District?

Some general figures for average weather in the Lake District are 200 wet days/year; 145 dry days/year; 20 snowy days/year.

However the weather on the fell tops will never be predictable and will always be ‘worse’ due to the relief rainfall caused by the height of the fells and the chill factor caused by the wind..

What to do in Penrith when it’s raining?

Aira Force.Lowther Castle and Gardens.Ullswater Lake.Lakeland Bird of Prey Centre.Centre Parcs Whinfell Forest.Hallin Fell.Hutton in the Forest.Long Meg and her Daughters.More items…

What is the best time of year to visit the Lake District?

springThe Lakes is one of those places whose natural beauty is not overly dependent on decent weather. People will tell you that the best time to visit the Lake District is in spring or summer.

Why does it rain a lot in the Lake District?

Why does it rain so much in the Lake District? The prevailing westerly winds cross the Atlantic Ocean picking up large amounts of moisture. The air hits the Lake District hills and is forced to rise where it cools and the moisture condenses to form rain. This is called relief or orographic rainfall.

What to do when it’s raining with friends?

20 ideas with friendsGo to a museum or an art gallery. Bet you haven’t seen all of them, have you? … Visit a cave. … Go on a spontaneous road trip or catch a train. … Plan a trip. … Create a road trip playlist. … Unwind at a hot spring or spa. … Find the best brunch spot in town. … Bake some goodies.More items…•

What to do in Bowness when it’s raining?

Museums. The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction. 2,714 reviews. … Museums. Blackwell, The Arts & Crafts House. 800 reviews. … Concerts & Shows. Old Laundry Theatre. 76 reviews. … Sights & Landmarks. St Martin’s Church. 69 reviews. … Fun & Games. The Fun Factory Bowness. 147 reviews.

What should you not miss in the Lake District?

15 things you must do in the Lake DistrictMeet the stars at Low Gillerthwaite. … Explore the UK’s most haunted castle – Muncaster. … Try Grasmere gingerbread. … Stroll around Lake Buttermere. … Climb a fell. … Follow Wordsworth’s footsteps at Dove Cottage. … See the sights by electric bike. … Wander the trails at Whinlatter Forest Park.More items…•

What is the driest month in the Lake District?

March to June tend to be the driest months, with October to January the wettest, but at low levels there is relatively little difference between months.

What can you do on a rainy day when your not home?

22 Actually Fun Things to Do on a Rainy DayGet your learning on at a museum. … Have a spa day. … Sign up for a cooking class. … Finally organize your life. … Have a themed movie marathon. … Drink and play games at a barcade. … Throw it back and head to the mall. … Get baked.More items…•

How do you spend a rainy day paragraph?

A rainy day is the bearer of good weather with refrigerating breeze and rain showers. It refreshes everyone by making the climate cool and delightsome and brings in a sigh of relief from the scorching heat. Rainy day gives us relief from the usually hot and humid climate.

What is the best thing to do when it’s raining?

50 Things To Do When It’s RainingClean up your closet. … Read a book. … Gather the family and play board games. … If you’re alone, video games will do. … Call up some friends and have a simple house party. … Watch a movie. … Learn to cook your favorite meal. … Bake cookies and other goodies.More items…