Who Is The Largest Railway Platform In India?

Who is the largest railway station?

Grand Central TerminalGrand Central Terminal, New York, US According to some sources, New York’s Grand Central Terminal is the world’s largest station in terms of platform capacity..

Which is the longest route in India?

India’s longest train journey begins at Dibrugarh in Assam, and ends at the country’s southernmost point — Kanyakumari, in Tamil Nadu. Along the way, the Dibrugarh-Kanyakumari Vivek Express covers a distance of 4,286 km; a five-day journey that sees the passengers traverse through nine Indian states.

Which is the longest train in world?

Trans-Siberian RailwayThe Trans-Siberian Railway (the Moscow-Vladivostok line), spanning a length of 9,289km, is the longest and one of the busiest railway lines in the world.

Who is the largest train in India?

Vivek ExpressTop train services which runs more than 2000 kmSl noDistanceTrain name14282 kmVivek Express23932 kmAronai Superfast Express33927 kmThiruvananthapuram – Silchar Superfast Express43782 kmHimsagar Express37 more rows

Which Indian state has largest railway network?

Uttar PradeshIn India, the largest route kilometers are in Uttar Pradesh with 8726 kilometers….The Five states with largest route kilometers are as follows:Uttar Pradesh : 8726.Rajasthan : 5780.Maharashtra: 5602.Andhra Pradesh: 5241.Gujarat : 4999.